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What does a financial advisor do?

Because investing is so vital and so confusing, most people decide to hire an investment advisor instead of doing the work themselves. Investment advisors serve a vital role, but depending on the way they are compensated, they can also seriously harm the long term performance of a portfolio. Today, I will take a deep look into what financial advisors do, how they are compensated, and a selection of other tools and resources that can help with financial planning and investments.

Budget Savvy Bride's guide to stress free wedding planning

Getting married is one of the biggest one-off expenses people will ever have. With the cost of weddings skyrocketing, it can theoretically be a budget ruining event… even if it’s the best day of your life. That’s why it’s important to think about how you can keep your wedding to a reasonable cost and still get what you want. Today’s post is from Jessica at the Budget Savvy Bride and was originally published on The Money Mix.